Our Service & Support Programs

We provide comprehensive services on embroidery machines, cutting machines, industrial sewing machines, awning machines, welding machines and steam and pressing equipment. Since 1921, we have stocked parts and serviced all kinds of machinery for the textile industry and thus built up a vast knowledge on different types of machines. Since we have a large stock of spare parts for most clothing and textile machinery and have good contacts with the leading manufacturers, we can quickly obtain the needed parts. We do everything to eliminate downtime and therefore increase your productivity!

We operate in the whole of Sweden, either by servicing the machines on site at our customers, or through our partners. Another easy approach is to send your machine to us for service.

We also offer support for our CAD/CAM/PLM department.

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Perry Sandell

Business Area Manager Embroidery and Textile Print, Sales, Service and Technical Support

+46 (0)33178838


Christian Bunnfors

Sales Software and Embroidery Machines, Training, Service and Technical Support

+46 (0)33178836


Pierre Holmén

Service and Technical Support

+46 (0)33178882


Morgan Eriksson

Service Manager, Sales and Technical Support

+46 (0)33178820


Aleksandr Voronoj

Sales, Service and Technical Support

+46 (0)33178877


Ismail Abdelkareem
إسماعيل عبد الكريم

Service and Technical Support
مهندس الخدمة والدعم الفني

+46 (0)33178804


Lars Johansson

Service Technician Gerber Hardware

+46 (0)33178878


Mikael Strandh

Service Technician Gerber Hardware

+46 (0)33178863

Louise Santiago

Louise Santiago

Support and Training Gerber Software

+46 (0)33178807


Daniel Lindh

Technical Consultant YuniquePLM

+46 (0)33178832

Fredrik Svensson

Fredrik Svensson

Technical Consultant YuniquePLM

+46 (0)33178867

Our Service Plans

It is important to regularly service your embroidery machine, to avoid unnecessary downtime in production. We offer maintenance services of Tajima embroidery machines, which include checking the drive belt, needle bar heights, grippers, hooks and thread pickers, inspection and lubrication of the thread take up lever, inspection of the thread sensors, system software update in accordance with factory recommendations etc.

We also offer a service contract where both emergency service and regular maintenance service are included.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.

A poorly maintained industrial sewing machine, welding machine or pressing equipment means greater risk for breakage of significant parts in the machine, which naturally leads to considerably higher costs. Welcome to us when you are in need of service of your industrial sewing machine, welding machine or pressing equipment.

We offer a service contract to ensure that your equipment will work for many years at the lowest total cost.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.

A cutting machine that stops in production often means rapidly high costs. It is therefore very important that the cutting machine is serviced regularly.

We recommend to sign a service contract with scheduled maintenance intervals.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.