Veit 2157 Hand Finisher 100-240V Auto

xve1006-1The Hand Finisher is designed for minor corrections during final inspection, for removing wrinkles, shine and marks as well as for smoothing and freshening of garments as well as for improving the shape of all kinds of fabrics and leather. It is an indispensable aid used worldwide for finishing garments, upholstery, curtains or shoes.

The VEIT Hand Finisher 2157 is an easy to manage and powerful small iron. It is indispensable for minor corrections during final inspection or for touch-up while using VEIT Multiform Finishers. Furthermore, the VEIT Hand Finisher is also suitable for a wide range of applications. We recommend using the VEIT Hand Finisher in connection with our VEIT Steam Reheater 2218 which provides dry or saturated steam.

– Weight: approx. 620 g
– Ironing surface: 125 x 85 mm
– 240V 600W 50-60 Hz

Complete it with a stand, adjustable from 1200 up to 1900 mm height.

Item No: XVE1006

Veit 2218 Steam Reheater

Working with a mobile VEIT steam generator, the VEIT 2218 Steam Reheater provides an excellent steam supply for the VEIT 2157 Hand Finisher. The completely heating cycle creates high-quality condensate-free steam.

Item No: XVE1007