Ultrasonic welding is a fairly new technology. Ultrasonic welding or ultrasonic gluing provides a strong and very durable joint and is particularly suitable for products where you want to avoid holes from a sewing machine needle.

Examples of this are:
– Awning manufacturing
– Filter manufacturing
– In healthcare
– In the clothing industry
– Tents and sleeping bags etc which must be waterproof
– Sails
– Canopys

In the garment industry the welding and bonding by ultrasound gets more and more common. Especially when it comes to the manufacture of underwear, sportswear, casual wear and outdoor clothing, the technology is used by many famous brands.

Joining with ultrasound provides a product design with more flexibility, efficiency and creativity. We work with clients in the awning, blinds, sails, canopy, filter and non-woven material industries.

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