ACG Nystrom is Sweden’s most complete supplier to the textile industry! Our sewing threads are suitable for all industries and applications, including technical textiles.

Thread can be anything from sewing thread and thinnest silk, wool, linen, cotton, synthetics and so on. The thread usually consists of a single thread, but can also be intertwined. Of the textile threads of natural materials, only silk can form a thread alone without being spun. All other threads of natural material must be spun, because the fibers are too short to be able to form a thread by themselves. Silk can be intertwined to thicker thread. Some threads of synthetic fibers can be made to single fiber without spinning.

The yarn size is a measurement used for the number of 840yd hanks per pound and is many times also referred to as the spun size. The higher the yarn number, the thinner the thread. The yarn size generally includes both the yarn size and number of ply. Examples include: 46/2 representing 46’s cotton count – 2 ply.

The metric size is the most common system used in Europe and is the number of 1000 meter hanks per kilogram. Examples include: M180 – M120 for light weight sewing, etc.

The tex size is a measurement of the gram weight of 1000 meters of greige or un-dyed or finished thread. Examples include: T-18 – T-27 for light weight sewing; T-30 – T-50 for medium weight sewing, etc.

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