ACG/TB 335-6/01 Folding Machine

  • Industrisymaskin för uppfållning av byxor

ACG/TB 335-6/01 Folding Machine

The perfect machine for foldig various types of trousers. With this cylinder arm unison feed sewing machine, folding of jeans, chinos, working pants etc is quickly and carefree performed. Even an inexperienced operator quickly achieves perfect sewing results thanks to the special folder. The machine can also be used for various repairs, attaching labels, etc.

Design your own machine!
The machine can be delivered in any desired colour or pattern. Create your own unique style after your own concept.

Product Description

Complete with:

  • mechanical folder by knee lever
  • mechanical presser foot lifter by foot pedal
  • servo motor with positioning 550W, 240V 1-phase grounded
  • tabletop
  • stand
  • sewing equipment for folding
  • threadle

Starter Package:
Complete your sewing machine with a Starter Package!
Containing needles, bobbins, bobbin holders, scissors, seam ripper, needle threader, tweezers, sewing thread, wax crayons, measuring tape, pins and sewing machine oil.

Suitable thread for this machine is AEPE0303W32606.